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National Car Parts is one of the most responsible and best Melbourne car wreckers service providers in Australia. We take pride in announcing that we have a team that can come to your property and inspect the car you want to get rid of, and then still take it away the very same day. We are a well-known top cash-for-car dealer, and we will correctly dispose of the car after we have paid you for it.

What You Can Expect from a Melbourne Wrecker Service

You may wonder what exactly happens to your car once we have picked it up.

After our scheduled, same-day pickup, we offer a wide range of payment methods that suit you, including cash, bank transfer, and check.

  • We have a team that knows cars inside and out. Our towing vehicles can easily tow the wrecked car to the recycling center to initiate the method of extracting the parts from the vehicles.
  • The recycling center will use various responsible methods of recycling to make the products fit for reuse again. This process is one of the best ways to recycle car parts.
  • Professionals do the removal process, as each part should be extracted with extreme care to avoid damage. We have years of experience in the field and can offer complete assistance to our clients. We operate in several areas to achieve this satisfaction.

After your car leaves your property, it might be a sad time for you to say goodbye but know that it will be in the best hands that will put its parts to the best use to prolong another car’s life.

Why Choose National Car Parts as Mazda Wreckers

National Car Parts is the company to call for a wrecker service in Melbourne. A good car removal company must have the following features:

  • The company should be well-reputed and famous among the people of a city or a country. We are based in Victoria and serve the northern suburbs by removing scrap cars and even trucks and removing the usable parts to continue their journey.
  • Meet all legal requirements. We are a registered company, meet all government standards as required by law, and have served our community for 15 years. We travel as far as Melbourne, Victoria, Keilor and other areas in Australia.
  • Good value for cars. We will buy any car from you, old or used, scrap or wrecks that can’t be salvaged to be roadworthy again. We make the process of fetching the car and the related paperwork fast and minimal, so we can be on our way, and you will have extra cash to spend.

Some car wreckers do not care what they do with your vehicle once it is stripped for parts. We ensure that our entire process is customer- and environment-oriented. We make the process and the paperwork as easy on our clients as possible. We remove any car or truck from your premises and ensure that the correct recycling procedures are followed, with our staff supervising the process.

About National Car Parts

As you say your final goodbyes, we will be arriving at your doorstep to take care of your car. Our auto wrecker vehicles in Melbourne are ready to come and pick up yours. Contact us to arrange for a pick-up and your preferred form of payment. Let us clear up space in your driveway, mind, and life.

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65 Webber Parade, Keilor East VIC 3033, Australia

+61 439 709 594,

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